Daily Surveys

Our Daily Surveys have been around for years and are one of the "proven" free cash money makers on CashBee. They're exactly like they sound--new paid surveys that you can take every day. We currently have two Daily Surveys that you can take advantage of. Each pays $0.80 every time you complete it, meaning you can earn $48.00 every month just by doing these surveys.

The point of each survey is to present you with a topic you're interested in and qualified to discuss for the benefit of the researcher. Surveys range in time required, from very short to quite long. Because researchers are looking for opinions only from certain segments of people, you may find you have to try a few surveys before you're qualified to give your opinion on one. Keep at it, and you'll eventually find one that's right up your alley.

When taking these surveys, be sure to use completely truthful and accurate information. The reason you can make money online with these surveys is because the researcher needs your valuable input. If you're answering dishonestly, your answers are no longer useful and you'll quickly find yourself with no surveys to complete.

Targeted Surveys

The other type of paid surveys CashBee features are targeted surveys, which are available only to you and people who meet your demographic profile. It's very important that you fill out your profile on CashBee right when you sign-up. Not only will you earn $1.00 instantly, you'll also be eligible to receive these special surveys. So why are they so great? First, they'll often pay more than Daily Surveys. That means when you see one available, you should jump on it right away.

The other reason these paid surveys are fantastic is because they're generally targeted to YOU, meaning you usually won't need to go through any sort of qualification process before you're allowed to take the survey and receive credit. Once you see one of these targeted surveys available (also known as Bonus Surveys), take them as soon as possible. They're often available only for a short period of time.

As with the Daily Surveys, be sure to use only truthful information. This will ensure that you have more surveys available to you as time goes on, and extra opportunities to earn.


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